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    When experience matters - 250,000 Freezes Nationally Since 1997!

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    Temporary yet absolute pipeline isolations – We maximise system uptime!

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    Reliable & Hassle Free – Give your clients certainty in project timelines without the need to purge air or refill pipeline systems

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    Environmentally Friendly – Prevents wastage of huge amounts of water while eliminating the need to handle chemicals, sewage or other toxic substances in the pipeline

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    Save Time, Save Resources – Freeze It, Don’t Drain It!

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Pipefreezer Victoria - Campbellfield | Melbourne

When you have a project requiring works to a pipeline system, PipeFreezer provides a 24 hour / 7 day a week hassle free solution – in most cases, we can perform a pipe freeze same day, without the system having to be shut down, thus maximising your plant’s uptime. We pipe freeze using liquid nitrogen, which enables the safe fluid isolation of almost any type of liquid in almost any size pipe. Using specialist equipment and techniques, a line stop is created in a timely and cost efficient manner via the formation of a solid ice, or cryogenic, freeze plug within the pipeline. Once formed, a freeze plug is highly reliable, can withstand very high pressures in excess of 2000 PSI and is able to be maintained for as long as required while the project is completed.

We service all industries, including the HVAC, plumbing, engineering and fire services sectors, encompassing industrial, commercial and domestic situations that involve fluid isolation in pipes ranging from 15mm–600mm (external diameter) using pipe freezing, line stopping or hot tapping solutions and our responsive service ensures quotes are in your inbox within hours!

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Pipe Freezing Geelong, Line Stopping South Melbourne, Hot Tapping South Yarra

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Pipe Freezing & The HVAC Sector - From Geelong to Dandenong

Pipe freezing within the HVAC sector (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a partnership that makes sense. Whether it’s a simple valve replacement or updating a whole plant room, isolating a pipeline through pipe freezing is a cost effective and quick option. If you are managing multi-storey buildings that have multiple chillers, we can isolate one chiller at a time so any required works can be done – while the other chillers are still running. This results in no system downtime and no impact on the tenants. Work can also usually be done within normal business hours, which further reduces the cost to your client if the alternative is an after hour system drain down.

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Pipe Freezing & The Fire Services Industry - From South Melbourne to South Yarra

Have you ever needed to drain down a system to change a valve, link into an existing system or simply move a hose reel? Then let us be another tool in your toolbox saving you time and money and most importantly keeping critical systems, people and assets protected at all times, our service keeps fire systems up and running, giving your client total peace of mind.

So make to cover all bases with our pipe freezing method and choose not to leave occupants and assets unprotected in the event of a fire. Don’t risk the safety of the occupants in your premises by draining down the system to make pipeline modifications. Although unlikely, if the fire system is triggered, your building is not protected! With pipe freezing, we only create a fluid isolation in the immediate area needing pipeline or plumbing maintenance – leaving the rest of the system intact and able to fight a fire if required.

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Pipe Freezing & The Property Management Sector

Property management companies have come to rely on us for maintaining their Green Star Building energy ratings by preventing wastage of vast amounts of water and eliminating the need to handle chemicals, sewage or other toxic substance within the pipeline. We epitomise Environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions!

Stopping the supply of water, air conditioning or fire protection services to a building to conduct pipeline maintenance or pipe repairs is never the best solution. In almost all situations requiring pipeline maintenance we can avoid any system downtime by employing one of our pipe freezing methods. This means that your building occupants won’t suffer interruption to their supplies and the building owner saves significant costs.

We regularly conduct pipe freezing in hospitals, hotels, large unit blocks, office buildings and other facilities that operate 24/7. In an emergency situation or planned maintenance of a property there can be numerous stakeholders that need to be notified of a system shutdown. Pipe freezing is a great alternative to shutting down a system and allows you to keep the peace with your stakeholders and property tenants. By engaging us to complete freeze plugging, you receive a hassle free, quick and cost-effective solution that in most situations does not require a system shutdown – it’s business as usual.

Line Stopping Dandenong, Hot Tapping South Melbourne, Pipeline Isolation South Yarra Pipeline Isolation Campbellfield, Pipe Freeze Melbourne, Pipe Freezing Geelong

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Pipe Freezing Geelong, Line Stopping South Melbourne, Hot Tapping South Yarra

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The Pipefreezer Group of companies is 100% Australian owned and operated with a combined experience of more than 50 years. We have successfully completed in excess of 250,000 pipe freezes in that time and our technicians have become the most experienced in the country.

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Pipefreezer offers superior pipe freezing services throughout Australasia and together with our technology partner in Victoria we have your hot tapping requirements covered too!

Whether your fluid isolation project requires a pipe freeze or hot tap, whether you are in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Hobart, and whether your pipeline system is copper, steel, mild steel concrete lined, iron, stainless steel (or most other piping materials), pipe freezing or hot tapping with Pipefreezer is the best solution for carrying out your pipeline maintenance.

We’ve performed pipe freezing all over the country in multi-storey buildings in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, sewer systems in Port Pirie, South Australia, a five star hotel at Uluru and in remote mining operations in Central Australia. Our group of highly trained professionals is capable of exceeding your fluid isolation and large pipeline project expectations – no matter where you’re located in Australasia.

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